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Welcome LED Projector Car Logo Lights (4pcs.)

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Projector LED Car Door Lights with your Car logo on.
Not Battery Powered LED lights you can simply

Replace your door light with this amazing LED lights.

Note: Please indicate your car year model at the cart special instruction text box, so we can send the right size for your car.

Main Features:
  • ¤ LED brightness is high: 1W lamp is equivalent to the brightness of traditional 5W car lights, strictly in accordance with the specifications of normal car lights, can directly replace the original car glass bulbs
  • ¤ LED power consumption is low, when it reaches the same brightness of traditional light bulbs, the power consumption is only 6% of the traditional light bulb, the heat is low, and it also plays the role of power saving and fuel saving!
  • ¤ LED lighting without delay, the traditional glass bulb has a delay of 0.3 seconds.
  • ¤ It has a long life and no filament structure.
  • ¤ It is not afraid of deadly driving vibration.
  • ¤ It can be used in normal environment for more than 60,000 hours.
  • ¤ Generally, it does not need to be replaced during the life of the vehicle.
  • ¤ Pure color: no filter cover, light wavelength error is small, colorful.

How to install:

 Package includes: 1x Welcome LED Projector Car Logo Lights (4pcs.) for $31.50 only


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