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Premium Car Seat Organizer

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LESS MESS = LESS STRESS! Keep your car and mind organized with these Premium Car Seat Organizers.

Created to organize even the messiest of vehicles. It helps to keep all your daily essentials and must-haves in place.

Elaborate design: Others have been designed to fit every car. Their sole purpose is to prevent items from falling through which may cause dangerous distractions as you drive. On the market, you’ll find some car seat gap fillers which have been engineered to create an extended storage compartment.

These will not only fill that space but also offer you a harbor for your phones, maps, pens, lip balms and other items.

Crafted with quality PU Leather, designed to universally fit and add extra style to any vehicle. No more painfully shoving your hand in the gaps between your seat and center console or dangerously fishing around your center compartment while driving. Our organizer fits right in that infamous seat-center console gap so items no longer go missing. Instead, you can keep everything sturdily in place — and within arm’s reach — from your phone to drink or sanitizer and spare coins. Premium Car Seat Organizers are the perfect way to keep yourself organized on the go.


  • A universal design fit for all car makes and models
  • Multi-use storage, from change holder to storage to drink holder
  • Instant extra space for your smartphone, wallet, drinks, etc.
  • Expert-crafted PU leather for a stylish touch
  • Closure of narrow seat-center console gap where many small items fall into
  • Designed to keep your charger secure, hidden, and easily accessible
  • EasyInstall – just insert the compartment between your seat and center console
  • Size: 10.24 x 6.50 x 7.87 in / 26 x 16.5 x 20 cm

 Please note: this organizer will not fit your car if its central console is lower than the seat or if the gap between the seat and the central console is wider than 0.6 in.

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        • Question1:I installed this product in my car, will it affect driving?
        • Answer1:Our product makes good use of the gap between seats, so we don't have to worry about driving at all.
        • Question2:I want to buy this product, but I don't know whether my car can be installed.
        • Answer2:Thank you very much. This product is widely used. All models are applicable. Don't worry at all.
        • Question3:I'm interested in it, but I'm worried about the quality.
        • Answer3There is no need to worry about quality. This product is made of high-quality leather, which can accompany you for a lifetime. If there is any quality problem after your purchase, we will refund you for free, and we will bear the cost.

        Product includes: 1 set of Car Organizer(2pcs left and right)

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